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John Hart, Managing Director

Publications: Plastics & Packaging

As industry experts, the Plastics and Packaging Group at PMCF conducts in-depth research and analysis of plastic and packaging processes and M&A activity. This data is compiled into regular reports relied upon by plastic and packaging businesses to stay current with strategic trends and news.

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Plastics M&A Quarterly Q3 2017
Plastics M&A Quarterly First Half 2017
Plastics M&A Quarterly Year in Review 2016
Plastics M&A Quarterly First Half 2016
Plastics M&A Quarterly First Quarter 2016
Plastics & Packaging M&A Quarterly Year in Review 2015
Plastics & Packaging M&A Quarterly
 Year In Review 2014


Packaging M&A Pulse Q3 2017
Packaging M&A Pulse Q2 2017
Packaging M&A Pulse Year in Review 2016
Packaging M&A Pulse Q3 2016
Packaging M&A Pulse Q2 2016
Packaging M&A Pulse Q1 2016
Packaging M&A Pulse H2 2015 Review 

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