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Readiness Review & Transaction Planning

Are you poised to realize maximum value from the sale or divestiture of your business? What type of strategic event should you begin planning for in order to meet your goals for company growth and diversification? What's the best alternative given your strategic direction, financial position, and owner/management objectives?

PMCF’s Readiness Review and Transaction Planning Advisory services are formal investigations and decision processes designed to help you assess your financial and strategic options and create a course of action to enhance your company's value. The strategic assessment process helps you consider both your personal and business objectives based on your company’s specific ownership objectives, strategic direction, and financial characteristics.

Whether your goal is to grow the business or pursue a value-optimizing exit strategy, our Readiness Review and Transaction Planning Advisory services can help by delivering the following benefits and outcomes:

  • Conduct an objective valuation of the business
  • Set the foundation for strategic and operational decision making
  • Ensure alignment of the owner’s long-term needs with company and management decision making
  • Improve opportunity for efficient wealth transfer
  • Create best-case strategic alternatives based on market and industry dynamics

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