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Chicago, IL - November 1, 2016

P&M Corporate Finance (“PMCF”) is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive financial advisor to Mountainside Medical (“Mountainside” or the “Company”) in its sale to Tecomet Inc. (“Tecomet”), a portfolio company of Genstar Capital.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Mountainside offers advanced and comprehensive manufacturing solutions for complex, tight-tolerance medical device components. Specializing in minimally invasive instruments, orthopedic components / instruments and neurosurgical components / instruments, the Company provides a full suite of services from material procurement, optimized product design and testing to assembly and sterilized packaging. The Company has a distinctive reputation for innovation, quality and on-time delivery earned over 10+ years as a trusted design and manufacturing partner with leading medical OEMs. Tecomet Inc. is a Massachusetts-based global manufacturer of high precision implants, surgical instruments, trauma plates and photochemical etched products for medical device customers. Tecomet uses its industry-leading prototyping and engineering capabilities to produce highly complex products that provide innovative solutions for its customers’ most demanding products and applications. Tecomet is also a leading manufacturer of precision components to the aerospace & defense industry, producing products used in aircraft engines, missile & satellite propulsion systems, vision systems, and infrared applications.

Pete Neidecker, the Co-Founder and outgoing Executive Vice President of Mountainside remarked, “Since my wife Susan and I founded the company we have followed a philosophy of constant innovation. Mountainside’s experienced management team is supported by talented employees who deliver results through a combination of continuous improvement and growth initiatives. With Tecomet’s global footprint, manufacturing capabilities and expertise in design and engineering, Mountainside is very well positioned for future growth.”

PMCF was hired to serve as the Company’s exclusive investment bank and lead the sale process. Mr. Neidecker noted, “The process led by PMCF resulted in a number of unique opportunities for Susan and me to choose a great acquisition partner. Their knowledge of the medical contract manufacturing industry was the reason we hired PMCF, and was instrumental in positioning Mountainside appropriately with high-quality potential partners. Their focus on serving the owners’ and employees’ best interests was evident from day one, and I would highly recommend PMCF to any company exploring a potential transaction.”


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